Training Videos


Diplomacy Academy has taken significant steps towards e-learning practices complementing to its existing trainings. As a lead-off, the Ministry has enabled public access to some intriguing topics by broadcasting videos on “Protocol Courses” and “Human Resources Issues”. The Academy plans to broaden the scope of e-learning in the future by expanding these practices to various fields and topics.

Since 2010, Diplomacy Academy has begun to conduct more comprehensive training programs for a wider target group and attendees. The main objective of the Academy is to train and make available a large pool of human resources who bear the required qualifications in order to best fulfill the tasks assumed both at headquarters and missions abroad.

The Academy plans and conducts in-service trainings for the officers employed in all categories before their assignments and throughout different stages of their careers. It also organizes foreign policy and protocol seminars for other public entities and institutions upon their request. Such seminars enable to better understand our foreign policy vision as well as facilitate cooperation between public institutions. In addition to the above, orientation courses are given to the officers to be posted abroad from other ministries and public entities.

On the other hand, the Academy maintains close cooperation with its counterparts in the other countries and conducts bilateral and multilateral training programs for foreign diplomats. In accordance with the priorities of the Turkish Foreign Policy, the training programs mainly focus on capacity building aspects for the young diplomats of the developing states. Memoranda of Understanding for Cooperation signed between the Diplomacy Academies constitute a framework for these training and other cooperation activities. The cooperation activities are held on mutual basis and in this regard, the young officers of our Ministry are sent to training and observation programs at foreign countries as well. Organized annually since 1992, “Training Program for International Junior Diplomats” draws attention from an increasing number of countries each year. The 19th program held in 2013 hosted diplomats from 66 countries from different regions ranging from Latin America to Africa as well as countries from neighboring regions like the Middle East, the Balkans, Caucasia and Central Asia. These programs also contribute to developing closer relations with the countries and regions where Turkey wants to have more outreach.

The Academy conducts trainings with lecturers mainly from the Ministry but also invites prominent Turkish and foreign academics. Trainings on “Negotiation Techniques”, “Communication and Presentation Skills”, “Conflict Resolution” and “Mediation” are some of the courses Diplomacy Academy benefits from participation of internationally recognized academics. Diplomacy Studies programs for newly-recruited officials, in accordance with the Ministry’s policy of recruiting officials with different educational backgrounds, include intensive academic content. The Ministry also sends its staff to various language and academic programs both in Turkey and at abroad.

Diplomacy Academy very recently has started to make use of innovations in communications technology to enhance the quality and efficiency of its trainings. In addition to training and seminar programs for the Ministry officials, other public institutions and foreign diplomats; Diplomacy Academy, in order to extend its reach, has started an initiative for production of promotion and training videos. The very first videos comprise presentations about the Ministry’s human resources (Entrance exams, Career Paths, In-Service Training and Promoting Foreign Language Education, Postings, Suggestions for Candidates) and protocol rules (Receptions, Etiquette, Dress Codes). Among recent additions to the Academy’s video library are the promotion video of “International Junior Diplomats Training Program” and various videos on the Ministry’s practices in the use of communication technologies in consular services and daily work of the Ministry..

With an objective to reach Turkish officials posted abroad and other target groups which the Academy provides trainings for, this initiative will be given more emphasis.