Preparatory Courses for Deputy Attachés

Diplomacy Academy conducts a two-week training program for the officers assigned as deputy attaché in order to assist them properly fulfill tasks and responsibilities in their new positions. The program consists of both theoretical and practical trainings on various subjects about professional and technical issues.

Program Content

Technical Courses

  • Code of Conduct at Missions Abroad
  • Official Correspondence
  • Information Security, Courier and Cargo
  • Issues about Birth, Marriage and Death
  • Citizenship and Military Service Procedures
  • Passport Procedures
  • Judicial Matters
  • Fees, Books kept by Embassies and Consulates, Revenues of Consulates
  • Visa Procedures
  • Information Technologies and Infrastructure
  • Administrative and Financial Affairs
  • Protocol Issues
  • Diplomatic Ethics
  • Mobbing

Courses on Legislation

  • Law No. 5018 on Public Finance Management and Control, Duties and Responsibilities
  • Budget Law, Preparation of Budget
  • Budget Practices
  • Regulation on Movable Properties
  • Ethics, Code of Conduct for Civil Servants, Procedures and Principles for Application