Other Trainings and Seminars for The Staff of The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

Basic and Preparatory Training Programs, organized for newly-recruited officials present theoretical knowledge about foreign policy and international relations, yet they are not limited to theory. Young officials find the opportunity to improve their knowledge, manners and vision by meeting with active or retired ambassadors and leading journalists, bureaucrats and academics.

Talks with Senior Officials

These programs, to which both active and retired Ambassadors contribute by sharing their experiences with newly-recruited officials, are also important for preservation of institutional memory.

Vision Talks

These programs aim to present different perspectives on Turkish Foreign Policy through lectures given by various Turkish and foreign academics alongside with senior officials from the Ministry.

Seminars Oriented at Occupational Practices

Diplomacy Academy organizes seminar programs on occupational practices such as note taking and report writing. These trainings offer practical know-how about everyday tasks at the Ministry and help the staff fulfill these tasks efficiently.