Diplomacy-Protocol Training

Diplomacy - Protocol Training is conducted for the staff of various Turkish institutions and entities with the purpose of enhancing their qualifications in foreign policy, protocol and diplomacy issues. These training programs can be organized for a single institution or for a group of attendees from various institutions.

Foreign Policy Training Courses

  • General Principles and Vision of Turkish Foreign Policy
  • Regional and Global Framework of Turkish Foreign Policy
  • Foreign Economic Relations of Turkey
  • Mediation Activities of Turkey
  • Organization of Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Functional Mechanisms
  • Public Diplomacy

Protocol Training Courses

  • General Protocol Rules
  • Protocol Rules: Flag Protocol, Formal Visits, Luncheons/Dinners, National Days, Vehicle Protocol, etc.
  • Management and Procedures of International Meetings


  • General Diplomayc Training Courses
  • Diplomatic Correspondence
  • Bilateral and Multilateral Negotiation Techniques
  • International Agreements