Training Program for The Officials Appointed As Ambassador for The First Time

With this two-week-long training program, the Academy aims at preparing the newly appointed Ambassadors to their new responsibilities as Chief of Mission in terms of leadership and management. The program seeks to enhance their professional knowledge and grasp of legislation and regulations while improving their managerial effectiveness.

Program Content

  • Major Issues Concerning Human Resources Management
  • Rights and Obligations of Civil Servants
  • Disciplinary Actions and Penalties
  • Issues concerning Contracted Staff in the Missions
  • Inspection in Turkish Public Administration and Inspection System of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in General Terms
  • Law on Judicial Proceedings and Trial of Officers and other Civil Servants and related Practices.
  • Public Diplomacy and Promotion of Turkey
  • Code of Conduct and Professional Ethics
  • Press & Media Relations
  • Interview Techniques
  • Economy and Foreign Trade of Turkey
  • Cultural Diplomacy
  • Management and Maintenance of the Mission, Administrative and Financial Issues
  • Information Security
  • General Budget Transactions
  • Productive Use of Government Funds within the Legal Framework
  • Internal Audit
  • Relations with Turkish Citizens Living Abroad and their Integration
  • Consular Issues
  • Public Speaking
  • On-Camera Speaking
  • Team Work and Efficient Leadership
  • Definition and Nature of Mobbing, Precautions and Sanctions against Mobbing
  • Stress and Anger Management Techniques