Training Program for the Somalian Diplomats

March 30 - April 05 2014 Ankara/Istanbul

A training program has been conducted by the Academy for a delegation of 10 Somalian Diplomats.

During this program, officials from various departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, R. Ambassador Ercan Özer, R. Ambassador Murat Oğuz and Assoc. Prof. Dr. M. Akif Kireççi gave seminars on; Bilateral Relations with Somalia, Global and Regional Framework of Turkish Foreign Policy with special emphasis on Africa, Turkish Economy and Bilateral Economic Relations, Current Issues in the Middle East, Multilateral Economic Organizations and Regional Economic Cooperations, Turkey’s Economic Relations with Africa, Turkey-UN, Turkey-EU, Globalization and Multilateral Trade Organizations, Negotiation Techniques and General Protocol Rules.

Besides, the delegation visited Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, Yunus Emre Cultural Institute, Ataturk’s Mausoleum in Ankara and Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapı Palaca Museum and Grand Bazaar in İstanbul.


  • Abdikadir Mohamed Hussein
  • Abdshakour Abdiqadir Eigeh
  • Abdiweli Aden Osman
  • Samira Osman Bulhan
  • Hassan Ali Abdulkadir
  • Said Youssouf Ali
  • Ali Abdiali Hoshow
  • Abdulaziz Mohamed Mohamoud
  • Abdisalam Ibrahim Mohamed
  • Hodan Abukar Mohamed
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