Protocol Training for Gambian Diplomats (2017)

3 Şubat, 2014 Ankara

Basic and Preparatory Training Program for the newly-recruited 96 Consular and Expertise Officials has been launched with the opening speech by Deputy Minister Mr. Naci Koru on February 3rd, 2014. This five-month training program,  starting with  basic civil service training comprising courses and seminars on qualifications of a public official, the Constitution, Turkish State and Principles of Civil Service  will continue with technical and practical seminars on topics required for  the officials to best fulfill their future duties and  responsibilities within the Ministry.

Academic part of the training program will include seminars on “International Relations” and “Foreign Policy” to be given by academics from various Turkish Universities.

Within the context of professional courses, newly-recruited officials will take seminars on “Organization of the Ministry”, “Human Resources Issues”, “Consular Issues”, “Information Technologies Infrastructure and Principles of Use” “Diplomatic Correspondence”, “Diplomatic Protocol”, “Negotiation Techniques” and “Presentation and Communication Skills”. In order to support attendees’ personal skills, officials will also be attending workshops and seminars such as “Speed-Reading”, “Note-Taking”, “Intercultural Communication” “Public Speaking” and “On-Camera Speaking”. “Literature and Art is another aspect of the program where attendees will receive seminars on “Turkish Fine Arts”, “Turkish Music” and  “Turkish Literature”.

Throughout the program, Diplomacy Academy will invite academics from leading Turkish and foreign Universities, senior officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and bureaucrats from other public institutions to give lectures with both theoretical and practical perspectives.

The training program will be concluded with a study trip to Çanakkale and Istanbul.