Training Programme for Diplomats of the African Union Secretariat


4-11 March 2018 Ankara/İstanbul

The Academy organized a training program on 4-11 March 2018 for 8 diplomats of the African Union Secretariat. Presentations on “General Principles of Turkish Foreign Policy”, “Turkey's relations with Africa”, “Public Diplomacy”, “Protocol Rules”, “Diplomatic Correspondence Procedures”, “Public Speaking and Presentation Techniques” were given to the Participants. The delegation visited Anitkabir, TIKA and Yunus Emre Institute during the time they were in Ankara and found the opportunity to visit Hagia Sophia Museum, Dolmabahçe Palace, Grand Bazaar and Spice Bazaar in the cultural part of the program which was conducted in Istanbul.


  • Abdoulaye Mahamat
  • Abey Kalab Bahru
  • Amia Jean
  • Berhanu Kassa Teckleghiorgis
  • Daniel Bucuane
  • Doreen Apollos
  • Patience Kente
  • Sara Edith Noupeu Nji