Training Program for the South Sudanese Diplomats

June 2 – 9, 2013 Ankara/Istanbul

Diplomacy Academy organized a one-week training program for a group of 8 diplomats from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of South Sudan in Ankara and Istanbul. The program included seminars on topics such as “Turkish Foreign Policy”, “Turkey’s Relations with South Sudan and the Region”, “Mediation” and “Conflict Resolution”; and visits were made to historical and cultural places in both Ankara and Istanbul.


  • Francis Okeny Olaka
  • Michael Malual Dut
  • Lina Dominic Kassiano
  • John Jok Atem Anyar
  • Robert Santolino Kuron Tombe
  • Ngino William Deng
  • Achai Alor Deng Kuol
  • Gloria John Mambia
  • Emmanuel Ayume Benjamin
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