Training Program for the Beninese Diplomats

June 22 - 26, 2014 Ankara

Academy conducted a training program for a delegation of ten South Sudanese Ambassadors.

The program comprised seminars on topics such as "Bilateral Relations with South Sudan", "General Framework of Turkish Foreign Policy", "Mediation and Turkey's Mediation", "International Security and Peacekeeping Activities", "Diplomacy and Making of Foreign Policy", "Staff Management", "Organization of Multilateral Meetings" and "Negotiation Techniques" by officials from the Ministry, Assoc. Pr. Haldun Yalçınkaya from TOBB Uni., Halit Mustafa Emin Tağma from İpek Uni. and Retired Ambassadors Murat Oğuz and Ercan Özer.

The delegation also visited Ataturk's Mausoleum and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency in Ankara.


  • H.E. Ambassador Mawien Makol ARIIK
  • H.E. Ambassador Wol Mayar ARIEC
  • H.E. Ambassador John Samuel BWOGO KIR
  • H.E. Ambassador Frances Okeny OLAKA
  • H.E. Ambassador Dominic Panther MADING
  • H.E. Ambassador William Wani Ruben YENGI
  • H.E. Ambassador Natalina Edward MOU
  • H.E. Ambassador Baak Valentino Akol WOL
  • H.E. Ambassador Awad Elkarim ERASTO IBRAHIM
  • H.E. Ambassador Alier Deng Ruai DENG
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