Training Program for the Palestinian Diplomats (2016)

July 19-24, 2016 Ankara/Istanbul

During this program, officials from various departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and academicians gave seminars on; Bilateral Relations with Palestine, Turkish Foreign Policy towards the Middle East, Turkish Economy, Turkey’s Role in international Peace and Security, Negotiation Techniques and Protocol Issues.

Besides, the delegation visited Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency in Ankara and Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapı Palace Museum and Egypt Bazaar in addition to Bosphorus Tour in İstanbul.


  • Ihab I. M. Khalil Safia
  • Suha Y. I. Khouri Sahar
  • Rola A. A. Afifi Fatma
  • Hanaa T. H. Alsughayyar Latifa
  • Mohammed F. F. Salama Fatma
  • Rami T. A. Farhat Kefah
  • Ihsan S. K. Abualrob Maysoun
  • Rania Ghazi Khamees Kharbatli
  • Saed K. S. Muafinazzal Jamila