Training Program for the Iraqi Diplomats

April 6 - 13, 2014 Ankara/Istanbul

A training program has been conducted by the Academy for a delegation of ten Iraqi Diplomats on 6-13 April, 2014.

During this program, officials from various departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, gave seminars on; Bilateral Relations with Iraq, Global and Regional Framework of Turkish Foreign Policy with special emphasis on the Middle East, Turkish Economy and Bilateral Economic Relations, Turkey-Iraq: Energy Policies, Turkey-Iraq: Water Policies.

In the second part of the program at Marmara University the Middle East Studies Institute in Istanbul, Zahid Gül, Assoc. Prof. Ahmet Uysal and Assoc. Prof. Recep Ulusoy gave seminars on “Arab Spring and Current Situation in the Arab World”, “Current Issues in the Middle East”, “Relations with Iraq and the Middle East” and “Turkey-Middle East: Economical Perspective”.

Besides, the delegation visited Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, Yunus Emre Cultural Institute, Ataturk’s Mausoleum in Ankara and Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapı Palaca Museum and Grand Bazaar in İstanbul.


  • Saba Ramzi Younis, Al-Khario
  • May Mufeed, Mohammed Rauoof
  • Ahmed Hussein, Karim
  • Dheiaa Hameed, Suod
  • Hussein Ahmed, Khuder
  • Sherin Mohamaad Nori Jasem, Al-Bardy
  • Mohammad Tariq Abdulsattar, Al-Jbori
  • Nibal Abdul-Wehab Abdul-Rahmna, Al- Abduli
  • Ziad Tariq Mustafa, AL-Nuraday
  • Aftkhar Abdul-Razak Edain, Al-Helfee
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