Training Program for the Diplomats and Their Spouses to be Posted Abroad (2017)

6-29 November, 2017 Ankara

The two-phase training program for the Diplomats and their spouses to be posted abroad  in 2017 launched on 6 November, 2017.

The first phase in which both diplomats  and their spouses to be posted abroad  participate together comprises courses on Mission Culture and Requirements of Foreign Duty, Global and Regional Framework of Turkish Foreign Policy, Adaptation of the Family to the Foreign Duty, Overcoming Stress and Anger Management, Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities, Protocol Rules, Relations with Citizens Living Abroad, Public Diplomacy and Social Media,  Mobbing,  Modern Turkish Literature, Traditional Turkish Art, Modern Art, Traditional Turkish Music, Modern Turkish Music and Cultural Diplomacy.

In the second phase, officials will be attending detailed briefings on the functioning of missions abroad, administrative and financial issues as well as technical and legal know-how about consular practices.