Training Program for the Beninese Diplomats

June 29 - July 06, 2014 Ankara,İstanbul

A training program has been conducted by the Academy for a delegation of seven (7) Beninese Diplomats on 29 June - 06 July 2014.

During this program, officials from various departments of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and academicians gave seminars on; Bilateral Relations with Benin, Global and Regional Framework of Turkish Foreign Policy towards Africa, Turkish Economy, Global Economic Relations and Multilateral Economic Organizations, Energy Diplomacy, Cultural Diplomacy, Multilaretal Negotiations I-II, Climate Change and Environmental Diplomacy and Protocol Issues.

Besides, the delegation visited Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, Republic of Turkey Prime Ministry Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities,Yunus Emre Cultural Institute in Ankara and Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Museum, Topkapı Palace Museum and Egypt Bazaar in addition to Bosphorus Tour in İstanbul.


  • Maxime N'TIA
  • Agoin Huhert DOSSOU
  • Adjignon Amègnon AME-AGBOVIAR
  • Rodrigue AKOHOU
  • Awali IMOROU
  • MindetèbayaoE. De Peweli FITTHEISSE
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