Training Program for Iraqi Diplomats (2018)


14-21 January 2018, Ankara

The Academy organized a one-week long training program for a delegation of 10 Iraqi diplomats on 14-21 January 2018, in Ankara and Istanbul. The training comprised lectures in Ankara followed by visits to historic and cultural sites of Istanbul.

The first part of the program included conferences delivered by Ministry officials and retired Turkish ambassadors on Bilateral Relations with Iraq, Regional and Global Framework of Turkish Foreign Policy, History of Protocol, Protocol Rules in General and Etiquette” (Greeting, Dress Codes, Courtesy and Manners, Precedence), Protocol at Dinners and Receptions, Ceremonies, Precedence, Flag Protocol, National Anthems, Letter of Credence, Organization of International Meetings and  Official Visits (Presidents, Prime Ministers and Ministers).

The delegation also visited Ataturk’s Mausoleum and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TİKA). TİKA delivered a presentation on its organizational structure and operations.

The second part of the program took place in Istanbul, where the delegation enjoyed first-hand experience of Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, Grand Bazaar Bazaar and Dolmabahçe Palace.


1. Ms. Lina Jalal Omar OMAR
2. Mr. Hussein Ali Abdulbaqi ALRAMMAH
3. Mr. Hasan Hadi Hasan TALIB
4. Mr. Yasir Ibrahim Saleh AL-BADRI
5. Mr. Mustafa Dhahir Saleh AL-JAOAOEASH
6. Mr. Waqqas Saad Yassin ALBAYATI
7. Ms. Safana Ahmed Mohammed MOHAMMED
8. Ms. Hassan Akram Taher AL-FITYAN
9. Mr. Mujahed Adil Shukur SHUKUR
10. Mr. Mustafa Mohammed Jasım JASIM