Training Program for Guinean Diplomats (Conakry)

January 31-February 1, 2017 Conakry

As part of our cooperation with the Foreign Ministry of Guinea, Academy organized a vocational training program for Guinean diplomats in Conakry, January 31-February 1 2017.

The training comprised seminars by Ambassador H.E. Artemiz Sümer on “Turkey-Africa Relations” and “Turkey-Guinea Relations”, by Ambassador H.E Süleyman İnan Özyıldız on “Diplomacy and and International Relations within the context of International Organisations and Securitry” and by Ambassador (R) H.E Numan Hazar on “Diplomacy, Diplomatic Correspondance and Negotiation Techniques” and “Protocol Rules”.

50 Guinean diplomats from various rank and titles participated at the training.