Training Program for TRNC Diplomats


15 October-2 November 2018, Ankara

A training programme for junior diplomats of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) was organized by Diplomacy Academy between 15 October and 2 November 2018, in Ankara. The three-week training programme started with the visit to Ataturk’s Mausoleum. The courses included Cyprus Issue, negotiation techniques, conflict resolution and mediation, international law and maritime law as well as Turkey’s foreign policy and our bilateral relations. The participants also had the chance to work and make observation in various departments within our Ministry. Furthermore, the TRNC diplomats visited Turkish Exporters Assembly, Yunus Emre Institute and Presidency for Turks Abroad and Related Communities.

  • Münire Ebru Köprülü
  • Enver Ethemer
  • Almıla Tunç
  • Seran Tahiroğlu
  • Simge Karabaşak
  • İsmail Ali Şahinoğluv
  • Funda Bozkaya
  • Esma Eroğlu
  • Defne Deveci Sabırlı
  • Denil Ertuğ
  • Mehmet Tuncan
  • Serdar Tayançlı
  • Begüm Tuncalı
  • Seval Gökeri
  • Ömür Gedikoğlu
  • Gamze Kara