Protocol Training for the Kosovar Diplomats

November 18-21, 2013 Ankara

Upon request from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kosovo, a training program on protocol has been conducted by the Academy for a delegation comprising Director of State Protocol, Director of Protocol in Presidency, Director of Protocol of National Assembly and Head of Protocol Office of Ministry of Defense, and seven accompanying officials.

During this program, R. Ambassador Murat Oğuz, R. Ambassador Ercan Özer and officials from the Directorate of Protocol of Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave seminars on; “General Protocol Rules and Etiquette”, “Receptions”, “Menus and seating Order”, “Formal Ceremonies”, “Flag Protocol”, “Precedence”, and “Organization of International Meetings”.

Besides, the delegation visited Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency, Yunus Emre Cultural Institute and Ataturk’s Mausoleum.


  • Xhafer Ahmeti
  • Burim Susuri
  • Blerta Ademi
  • Visar Fetaj
  • Arber Mehmeti
  • Arif Kaçandolli
  • Shaban Selimi
  • Fehmi Mehmeti
  • Vjosa Hoxha
  • Gafurr Dugolli
  • Rejhan Llapashtica
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