Protocol Training for the South Sudanese Diplomats

January 12-17, 2014 Ankara

Within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding signed with South Sudan Diplomatic Institute in 2012, a training program on protocol issues has been conducted by the Academy for a delegation of 20 officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of South Sudan.

During this program, R. Ambassador Murat Oğuz, and R. Ambassador Ercan Özer gave seminars on; “General Protocol Rules and Etiquette”, “Receptions”, “Menus and seating Order”, “Formal Ceremonies”, “Flag Protocol”, “Precedence”, and “Organization of International Meetings”.

The delegation also visited Turkish Grand National Assembly, Ataturk’s Mausoleum and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency.


  • Kang Gatkuoth Kang DECH
  • Emmanuel Daud Jubara TOMBE
  • John Onak NYIJOK
  • Peter Ajak Ngor TIPO
  • John Khor Deng PUOT
  • James Dor Wal THON
  • Chol Makuac Chol MAKUAC
  • Angela Jacinto Iee SAJDAK
  • Najwa Kornelio Tongun JOMI
  • Abdou Angelo Aput JETTO
  • Thomas Ajang Meshiak TOR
  • Bol Aguer Lual AGUER
  • Meseka Khamis Gabriel TATAGO
  • Garsiano Mogga Elia WAJA
  • Peter Garchang TAB NIEL
  • Victoria Samuel ARU
  • Monday Tombe Elia LAKU
  • James Makur Mading MAKER
  • Okwaj Otwok Deng FASHODA
  • Jackline John Luka DAVID
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