Management Training (2015)

November 20 - December 3, 2015

On November 20 2015 , the Academy launched its management training program designed for the junior and prospective managers and of the Ministry, intending to prepare those officials to their future duties within the Ministry.

The program commenced with senior officials of the Ministry giving seminars on “Human Resources”, and “Resources Management”. The second session is set to cover “Negotiation”, “Mediation” and “Crises Management”. These seminars have both theoretical and methodical dimensions, and deliverers are native English speakers boasting remarkable experience in their respective areas.

The program is planned to bolster executive skills, with seminars on “Management and Human Relations”, “Team Work”, “Effective Communication”, “Decision Making and Problem Solving”, “Performance Management”, “Motivation Management”, “Leadership” and “Organizational Culture”. It also includes seminars on people skills: “Eloquence”, “Diction” and “On Camera Speaking”.